Facts and Figures About the Las Vegas NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Facts and Figures About the Las Vegas NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Over the last few years the Las Vegas NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have become a hot ticket. They will be a first class product on Sunday and have very good publicity for everyone involved.

After having the regular season to get over, now the NHL is doing a better job of promoting the playoffs and the future events that will take place in this hockey universe. Las Vegas NHL Stanley Cup playoffs can be seen live on many different networks in the United States on Monday nights.

So in the meantime here are some facts and figures about the Stanley Cup playoffs in Las Vegas. These may not be facts in regards to actual game play in the NHL, but they do take into consideration how things are on the field. Things like injuries and suspensions.

Also there is a little bit of money backing all the good fights in the NHL. The NHL has a tie up with Fox and ESPN that have extra coverage for this game. Most all games in this time period will be shown on these channels.

In the meantime the league has done away with some of the travel restrictions that were placed before the regular season started. They had a few large travel dates that were just off limits. Now they have adjusted this up to accommodate everybody.

The Vegas NHL Stanley Cup playoffs start on the Saturday and get through the Sunday before a wild card round for a shot at the Stanley Cup. The way this works is a first round playoff match up will be played on Monday and then in the wild card round the top teams play again the next day.

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