Latest News on NHL Trade Rumors

So far in the 2020 NHL season there have been some great trades that have occurred as well as some other somewhat surprising trades. For those of you who are following the league like most people, you will be familiar with some of the bigger trades such as the trade that sent Zach Parise to Minnesota and traded with Dallas for Jason Pominville and Tuomo Ruutu.

latest news on nhl trade rumors

There are some great things about trading, and most of all, there are great things about looking at the latest news on NHL trade rumors and rumours. As I mentioned before, these types of rumors are always hard to take seriously, but with some of the crazier trades this year there is actually some good news here. It has been stated by some in the industry that if there is any trade going on, a lot of the time it is coming from Los Angeles.

The great thing about this is that it is a common rumor that LA wants to trade its star players and with the exception of Jordan Nolan, the Los Angeles Kings are not winning anything. However, it would not surprise me if LA actually does go out and trade its star players to another team. LA also has cap problems, so, the more LA can use their cap space on other things for the better for the Kings.

Also, with the trade for Dallas, they have another player to help them win a Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history. They also are looking at adding other players to help them with the Stanley Cup and a few of those players have come to the forefront in Dallas as well. For example, both Patrick Sharp and Jason Spezza have been discussed about being moved, but the Stars and their GM Jim Nill do not want to deal with either of these two guys until the deadline comes around.

Still, when Dallas makes a trade they are usually doing it in order to help them get that Stanley Cup, so why shouldn’t the rest of the NHL? Just like Los Angeles, it is common sense that the bigger and better teams should be winning more than the smaller teams in the league. And when Dallas is successful, then Dallas should not be scared of making deals or making any moves to help their chances at getting to the Stanley Cup.

The reason Dallas is trying to make a deal with one of the smaller teams is that Dallas simply does not have the assets they need to be able to trade with their very best players. What this means is that Dallas should not be afraid to try to make a deal in order to improve their chances of making it to the Stanley Cup. Dallas is not alone here in trying to improve their chances of winning and eventually, some other teams will be making the same moves as Dallas.

For the NHL, this means that there is more good news about the NHL trading business. All in all, for those of you who are following the league like I do, you can count on more trades happening in the next couple of years.

Like I mentioned earlier, this recent news is good for the NHL and gives them a bit of extra motivation in playing with more caution in trades. Just remember to watch the latest news on NHL trade rumors as there is always some interesting stuff going on.